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Songs in whole Schubert works are very important. These short and simple songs (not interesting for other composers), he rose up to the top. Remembering the entire Schubert’s works this form of musical activity can’t be ignored. In his times he acquired popularity and fame thanks to those songs. Famous ‘schubertiade’s’ – musical evenings with Schubert and his friends (in many cases the texts authors) were one of the most popular activities in XIX century Vienna. They became almost the mandatory form of entertainment. Participation in them meant something more than just having a refined musical taste. It was so much more in them. What else Schubert could do to impress people? Wealth? – absolutely not. He lived rather modestly. Often he hasn’t got no the funds for his basic needs. The composers that time in majority didn’t belong to the wealthy. So maybe it was all about his beautiful body, or the fact he was uncommonly handsome? – no, no. Actually, we could ask: “Where have you been, dear Schubert, when God gave beauty?” So then maybe physical strength or health? Again the answer is no. His life ended miserably. It is not even worth to mention it. So the talent?.. Yes! When he was 11 he was (after winning a competition) part of the boys choir of the imperial elite. There his exceptionally beautiful voice were discovered. Antonio Salieri himself was the head of the jury. In the imperial-royal seminary Franz was one of the most talented and gifted boys. Teachers in the class register in the “Notes” put – “a special music talent”. Since that time, the voice and the song became part of his life. Maybe the experience gained there led to the explosion in creating his songs? Anyway, at the Imperial seminary he met many friends, who later have significant impact on his life as a free artist. Joseph Spaun must be mentioned here. He was t he first who saw and admired Schubert’s talent. Spaun supported him till end of his life, short life, too short life ...



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