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Piórochubert wasn’t a poetry expert, though he was its faithful reader. He mainly composed his songs to texts of contemporaries poets, who were popular in his times. His friends, knowing that he was always looking for new texts, often provided him a newly published poetry volumes. Generally speaking it can be said that the better poem he found the better music he created. The songs composed to Goethe’s, Schiller’s or Heine’s texts are hard evidence to prove it.
But it is not a rule. We can’t be sure whether Wilhelm Muller’s poems wouldn’t be forgotten, if Schubert haven't used them (and immortalized) in his “Die schöne Müllerin” and “Winterreise”. One of the most famous and poignant songs of Schubert is “An die Musik”, written to a fairly average poem of Franz von Schober. So, what exactly inspired Schubert? What made the poem be worth to create music to it? Probably first of all the simplicity and the sincerity of the verse. Then some kind of inner truth, which Schubert felt through his great intuition. We present here info about the greatest poets as well as less important ones and also those quite forgotten whose poetry is alive thanks to Schuiberts`s vocal masterpieces. He liked their poems very much so is worth to know somenthing more about the autors.