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About us

Who are we? …
Julius Schmid SchubertiadeThat is a difficult question. Even we would have a problem to answer it. For sure we are music lovers, who – in professional life – don’t deal with popularizing and promoting music. Most of us haven’t even finished any studies connected to music. Our biographies – that’s a long story. Actually, even we don’t know them and we are not really curious. What we know is that among as are young and old, humanists and scientists, wealthy and indigent, educated in different fields. But what linked us is the MUSIC – and it knows no borders. We don’t see these borders but if they ever existed we have crossed them long time ago. 

Where do we come from? ...
We met each other during the XVI International Chopin Piano Competition. We set up an internet forum – “Kurier Szafarski”, where we (music lovers) were commenting the struggles of pianists during the Competition. Although we are from different parts of Poland we meet every day in our forum – like in family. 

Why we set up “Schubertiada”? ...
During a numerous discussions (devoted to work of Franz Schubert) we have found out, that in the Internet is no Polish website dedicated to him and his songs. We decided to fill this gap and try to popularize songs of this brilliant Viennese. 
We are currently working on a few people team: 

  • Agnieszka she is the boss. She made us fly into a passion to explore not just Schubert’s works but also his complicated life, 
  • Asia, Joanna, Bartek, Patryk without them this page wouldn’t exist. They are poets, who explored Shubert’s mind and take us into the magical world of his songs,
  • Slawek, Lukasz portal administrators. Without any question they fulfill boss’s commands.

Others from the over 60-person family support us in all editorial and technical works.

How to contact with us?...
Please enter “Contact” from the top menu, fill out the form and send us an e-mail. Also, you can contact direct with any of us. And the best is to visit our forum “Kurier Szafarski”. There is always someone there.